I have been wanting to try some Russell Sunkist Queens for a couple years now. I first placed my order in January of 2011 made payment and they confirmed my order within a day. They were due to ship that May, but I had to cancel them because of a trip to Italy. When I returned I emailed them and asked them not to ship because we were experiencing such a bad spring, wind, cold, drought. It was not time to be making up splits as many of my colonies were stressed. They agreed to place my order on hold for a 'will call". This February I emailed them and asked to have my previous order shipped this April, 2012. Victoria emailed me back the following day and confirmed they would ship the week of April 23rd. After a one week delay I received them via US Postal overnight mail this past Saturday, May 5th. I had made up some splits and installed most of them yesterday. Just wanted to say thank you to Victoria and Russell. I always heard back from them immediately and they really went out of their way to accomodate my schedule. Looking forward to checking out these Sunkists and for some other orders in the future.