Caught a swarm last Monday that was somewhat difficult, but not in the usual "need a 30' ladder" manner. This swarm was only about 3' off of the ground, but was clustered vertically all the way around the trunk of a thick decorative cedar,studded with small branches. So I had to avoid trimming the cedar and had to reach through the branches to get to them. I ended up having to brush them off the trunk, which led to a number of irritated bees. I used a light spray of water to keep them more manageable, but they made me pay for my insolence with a number of stings. I haven't gotten stung on a removal since a cut-out under a shed, which I did with my BIL in NE Texas a few years back.
On the plus side, the low height allowed me to wipe them directly into a deep nuc body, which they took to quite readily. This weekend there was already plenty of eggs laid, with a nice even pattern for a swarm queen.