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    Default How much time will a swarm need in a trapout situation?

    It's way up there.jpgI was called to do a trapout right after a swarm moved into a commercial building. The bees had an outside entrance, but for some reason were migrating in the building - honing in on the light fixtures in the women's restroom. You can imagine they wanted the situation resolved quickly. I was able to get the trapout cone in place, and a decoy hive. Went like clockwork. The bees were trapped out, and about 400 of them that were in the air all seemed to zoom into the decoy hive. I wish it could have been bigger. I don't know how many bees are in the building.

    Now, I realize that there are some of you that say I should have fixed it right to the building so the old queen can smell the brood. However, this is over 1/2 hour from my house, and over 30 feet up. So, it's just not that easy to check on it. My method at this point is to remove the option for that hive to be sustainable in the building, then close up whatever is left. I just need to resolve the issue. Though I'd love to get the genetics, and make a completely clean extraction, urgency is at the top of the list. Most states require a business to have a working bathroom for employees, and I needed to get as many bees out of the building as possible to reduce the numbers that may migrate into the bathroom area.

    So, here's my question. If this was a swarm 1weeks ago, and I just blocked off almost all the workers, how long do you think it will be before the rest of them starve out? They barely had time to build any wax, and now the food supply is cut off. I'm thinking I only need to keep it up there 2-3 weeks, but it may be even less?

    Completed Trapout.jpg

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    Default Re: How much time will a swarm need in a trapout situation?

    I had done one like this from a fresh swarm and I believe it was around 3-4 weeks. Although it wasn't that high off the ground!

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    Default Re: How much time will a swarm need in a trapout situation?

    Did you block off the entrance into the bathroom?
    Unless you get real lucky you won't get the queen so no genetics.
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