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    I just started with 2 hives in my backyard. First hive died off, so I replaced it with a swarm. I discovered a laying worker in the second hive, pulled out the drone comb, dumped the bees on the lawn and replaced it with a swarm. Hope to place some hives at my office next year. My profession is selling bread and rolls for Rhodes Bake-N-Serv. Looking forward to lots of bread and honey!

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    Don't worry too much about those first 2, just learn from the losses & move on. My first 2 hives got overrun by Red Imported Fire Ants in about 36hrs! Now I have 6 hives populated. 3 of 'em are flourishing, 1 I'm working on getting back queenright (LW hive), and 1 I'm not sure on as I didn't inspect 'em the other day & it was to be their first inspection since I'll find out about them tomorrow
    Before long, you'll be more worried about getting enough equipment to house all your bees!

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    Welcome FMU!


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