A few weeks ago I removed 4 frames of my 8 frame bottom brood box leaving a pattern similar to this XOOXXOOX. I then added a medium super of mostly empty foundationless frames above, and pulled frames from my top deep in the same pattern as done in the bottom box. I placed my top deep above the medium super. When I checked them yesterday, The bees still have not drawn any comb in the medium super. but have drawn lot's of comb in the top box. They did not draw any comb in the bottom box. They just backfilled it with nectar. I also saw about 5 hatched queen cells. These were not there when I checked them last.

I am guessing they swarmed at some point and I did not notice it. This hive had recently been queenless, and I had just grown a new queen, who had just come on-line the last time I checked them.