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    Default Deformed Wing Virus & Queenless

    2nd year beekeeper here looking for help/advice to a problem Im having:

    Background: Hive #1 has two 10 frame deeps and one honey super with queen excluder. 3 weeks ago I made a nuc by taking frames from this hive. At the time, all was well with the hive .....brood in all stages, marked queen present etc.. Nuc is doing great and it queened itself with no apparent problems.

    Today I go to do a hive inspection and there is very little capped brood, no uncapped brood and no eggs. No marked queen. 3 empty queen cells. I also noticed some workers with deformed wing virus. I also have a green perco drone frame in the top deep full of nectar and pollen but no drone brood. I'm thinking the hive swarmed.

    Any thoughts/advice on how to proceed?

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    Default Re: Deformed Wing Virus & Queenless

    It does sound like your hive swarmed.

    I'd do my best to verify that they have a queen (even if just a virgin, right now). Then keep monitoring them to be sure they acquire a mated/laying queen in an appropriate time-frame.
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    Default Re: Deformed Wing Virus & Queenless

    If you don't have eggs and brood in ten days IF you have good weather, you are probably queenless and will need to recombine your nuc and the mothership or order a queen.

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