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    Default Swarm Trap/ Nucs

    Today I build 2 swarm traps/ 6 frame Nucs. I kinda did my own thing but I based it off the the plans on the site.

    I think they look pretty cool, I put a few older frames in and I'm waiting on my swarm attractant to come in.

    I am on the look out for swarms or any wild bees.

    What do you guys think? how do they look, any thing I should change.

    The hole is 2" and I saved the plugs for safe transportation.

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    Default Re: Swarm Trap/ Nucs

    Those are pretty boxes, and they may very well catch you some swarms, but, I would rather have old, worn out, dilapidated 10 frame boxes, that have had bees in them before. If you don't have any, contact beekeepers in your area and see if anyone has any they want to get rid of.
    You asked for suggestions, so, couple of things I would change, I would remove one of the brood combs and replace it with a frame of foundation, (closest to the open space) to help reduce the possibility of them dropping comb from the top. Not sure I would want the hindge on the box. If they do drop comb, and she lays in it, it will be more difficult to save it when you open the top back, than it would when you just lift up the top and cut the comb off. New comb is very, very, soft.

    Good Luck cchoganjr


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