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    Default Anniversary cut-out... plus 2 swarms!

    Yesterday afternoon I got a call to the local Scout camp for a hive in the wall of a shower house. When I got there they had also discovered a swarm in a white pine about 1/2 mile away. Rain was on the way, so we looked at the swarm first. The swarm was about football size at about 10 feet... As we were lookin at it my wife pointed out a second similar sized swarm a few feet lower on theh other side of the tree! Both were safety in boxes 10 minutes later..

    We moved on the the cut-out just as the rain started. This was not so easy, the wall had all kinds of dividers and partitions. This was an newly established hive, probably in the wall less than a week. Pulled several small combs, hopefully the queen and about 2 pounds of workers... time will tell. Sting count: Helper - 3, Wife - 1, Me -zero.
    My wife said she had a great time and it will be an anniversary to remember (27th)... yep she is a good one!

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    Default Re: Anniversary cut-out... plus 2 swarms!

    Congrats on the swarms and cutout and Happy 27th!

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    Default Re: Anniversary cut-out... plus 2 swarms!

    Wow, you have a good one there....or should I say good ones. Good story, good bee removal and a good wife. You're a lucky man!
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