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    I believe that there is an extractor, built like a Ferris wheel, in which one uncaps deep frames, puts them back into the supers, slides the super into the extractor and fills the extractor that way before extracting. Seems like one would have to slide the supers in at the top of the arc and do so in a manner whereby you slide in the 12 o'clock slot, rotate the whole carriage to the 6 o'clock slot and so on. It would be too heavy to do the slot next door until full, unless it were really well balanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleo C. Hogan Jr View Post
    One additional point.... What about possibility of lead based paint on the older hives, what about bird poop, What about where skunks, coons, other animals that climb on the hives trying to get to the honey, what about dirt and dust from the trip from the apiary to the honey house, what about insecticides and pesticides, that may have been sprayed near the hives??? All of this is on the outside of hives. We are going to be eating that too. Frames inside a hive are close to sterile. The outside of supers ARE NOT.
    You'd think that if there was something wrong, the state inspectors or the FDA would be involved. You'd think they'd be aware of an operation this large and inspect it regularly. But, maybe they don't.

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    Default Re: Frame In Honey Super Extractor?

    Now if they just had a way to uncap it while still in the box...
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