Did a cut out on a very large hive in an old second story door way. maybe 6 -7 ten frame deeps total comb. They were very aggressive after 3 boxes worth of comb cut out and smoke was no longer working. Lots of stings through gloves (10+), and arms (70+), a few through jeans (10) most were near the end just trying to tape boxes and get equipment out. I smelled like bananas.

The next day I used rubber gloves under bee gloves and coat under jacket/veil. They were fairly aggressive just getting close (got one sting at the front door), smoke had almost no effect on them also used sugar water with LGO. 2 min I might have cut 2 frames of comb and had at least 30 bees on my face net pushing/fly so hard they manages to get it close enough to get some stings, and 5-10 bees per second bouncing of my veil.
I could have made them queen less day one plus they were already on edge. I did get most of the brood comb the first day.

I have a better jacket/veil on order (pigeon mountain) I hope it's good.

Ended up with 18 frames of mostly worker brood, and about 2 deep worth of drone, empties, some honey and pollen that I can use in traps. Most of the bees are still there about two 5 gallon buckets worth and 1-2 deeps of honey and empties.

Are these mean bees or just defensive? Because they are such a big hive?

Will this 18 frame hive be mean too? Only time will tell?

How would you proceed from this point, be done with it and tell owner to spray with soapy water? Continue but use a different plan?

BTW they first told me the hive was 3 rows of comb. I brought a nuc box to put them in