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    Default Drawn Foundation

    Since I am relatively new I have a question regarding the meaning of drawn foundation in terms of installing supers. I have 10 frame boxes. I currently have placed the second box on too early so I want to be careful with the supers. If I am looking for 8 of the 10 frames to have drawn foundation what does the term "drawn" mean? Does it mean only wax or does it mean the foundation has eggs, larva, etc. Or is it some combination of both and to what extent. In other words what do I need to see on the 8 or so frames before adding the supers? I am about at this stage so I would appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: Drawn Foundation

    Drawn comb means the wax is added to the foundation and the bees do that because they need additional room and only then. When The bees are actively working on what would be frames next to the outside ones, I normally move the outside ones about three in from the end and the bees will be ready for a second box a few days later. If you don't do that many itmes that outside frame just gets bypassed and the bees move up. Then when the flow ends, it just gets chewed up as a source of spare wax and ruined. You may have to move what is then the additional frame in too or the outside half won't get drawn if you keep adding room as you should.

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    Default Re: Drawn Foundation

    Drawn means that the bees have started "drawing" the foundation out into cells. They will first smooth and form the foundation and then add wax to it so the cells reach their needed depth.
    Thus the term "Drawn". It may or may not have eggs, larva or honey.
    You want to see that the bees are working the sides of the 1st and 10th frame. Some say they should be working the outside side other say just working those frames.
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