I thought I would post some pictures of how I made my hive top enterence. The idea came from M.B. website.

First I purchased 15" cedar shims from Home Depot for $4.
002 (800x600).jpg

I also purchased a 1/4" 3' piece of wood for $1.
004 (800x600).jpg

I trimmed the shims with a utility knife. Stained and varnished them, and tacked them on top of the super.
005 (800x600).jpg

008 (800x600).jpg

Did the same with the 1/4" piece of wood, then tacked it on the front of the super.
009 (800x600).jpg

011 (800x600).jpg

012 (800x600).jpg

The bees like their new front porch.
013 (800x600).jpg

014 (800x600).jpg

015 (800x600).jpg

016 (800x600).jpg

Thanks Steve