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    Installed a new package on 27 April, and release the queen at the same time. Reason why is because there were a lot dead in the bottom of the package and I thinking they have been together a while. I know I should have waited a few day before releasing the queen but the first part of the week I would be leaving early and getting home late. My question is even though I saw the queen walk into the hive I'm still not sure if she is there, how long will it take before she start to lay, and when should I be able to see larvae? If she not what should I do?

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    I just direct released some queens that took over a week to start laying. I wonder if they are banked a long time, the ovaries don't have to get back in shape

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    Sometimes they take as long as two weeks. I've tried banking some all summer to see what a difference it makes and they start laying immediately, so I don't think they are banked too long, I think they are banked too soon.
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