Hi my name is Rose, British but I live in Mexico.
I have at my disposition a piece land on the coast. It's desert, hot and dry, with a natural spring which I will have to build into a well, and possible an irrigation system, as the land is on a slope with the water at the top. I want to grow coconut, mango and papaya trees. For now there are white, green and gold trees, and lodes of different cacti and flowering plants many of which have nutritional and medicinal benefits. There are areas on the land with shade most of the day and a sea breeze.
I would like advice as to which species of bee I should start with and the problems of bee keeping in the desert. There are many red ant colonies for instance, I'm guessing they would be a problem. Some one told me I could use ground up sea shells on the ground around the hives. Hungry birds and snakes, a rattle snake made me scream the other day, I think I gave it a fright as it fell off the wall . The heat could be a problem, friends tell me it's like a oven in the summer.

A few years ago I read 'The man who planted trees' by Jean Giono. I was inspired, that's exactly what I want to do, bring life to a desert with slow and careful love and understanding.

Thank you for any advice and thoughts you might have. I have photos and video of the area on my facebook and web site... not sure if I should give that out here thought.
Can't wait to learn more