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    Default Local NUCS in SE Alabama

    I picked up 3 nucs from a local beekeeper, Hugh Peacock, in Midland City, AL which is about 5 miles west of Dothan, AL. Hugh does not fool much with making honey and his main business is selling nucs and after dealing with him I really feel that he is good at what he does. I took my hives to his place expecting to just view a 5 frame nucs and have the frames placed in my hives. Not the way he works. Many of his nucs are 5 frame doubles deeps and he went through all ten frames till he found the queen then placed her and the frame she was working in my hive then selected 4 more frames that were full of brood, most capped, and other cells full of eggs and larval in different stages. There was also plenty of pollen on the frames and even some honey on a couple of frames. Since we were dealing with ten frames he then shook some “extra” bees into each hive box. I am very pleased with the nucs that I purchased.

    Hugh's contact information is 334-790-3653.
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