From time to time I like to add new blood into my bee yard for genetic diversity. I purchases a few nucs from "Slide Ridge honey" out of Menden, Utah. The nucs were packed with 5 good solid frames of bees on sealed brood, pollen, and honey. In addition, a 2 gallon "Pro Max Feeder" all assembled, was taped to the top of the box. Inside was a pollen patty, a small patch of fondant and a mite strip. The nuc box was modified with vents and was taped in all the right places.

In the past I have purchased nucs out of California that had three frames, one with bees, one with honey and one with a lot of space. The frames were old and one was totally broken. I admit that the bees were very satisfactory however. The other two spaces had an open top plastic feeder with a lot of drowned bees.

Right now I am experiencing a real "HIGH" after being treated so well in a business transaction. These bees were totally gentle and the cost was $40.00 less than the ones from California! WOW!!

I am having a great day and I wish the same for you, Thanx LP