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    Default Using Left Over Syrup

    having installed my first package of Bees, I am using a gallon pail feeder to feed syrup.
    I'm using a 1:1 mix and 2 teaspoons for Honey B Healthy. I've changed the pail twice now
    about 5 days apart and each time there is about a 1/3rd left in the pail. Rather than spill
    it down the drain, can this be saved and mixed in with the next batch.... or would the "smart"
    beekeeper, upon seeing there is a 1/3 left in the pail, just leave it and check back again in a day
    or 2 and then change it when the level gets down more?

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    Default Re: Using Left Over Syrup

    I'd just top it off as you go. No need to let it run dry. The HBH will help it stay fresh.


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