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    Default Weak hive, will they make it?

    I installed a new package a year ago, they started off strong for a month or so and had 6 frames in a deep drawn out so i added another box, we had a unusually hot dry summer and they stopped drawing comb and never started again. I took the empty box back off and fed them and they made it through the winter and were building up strong this spring so I put it back on and they started drawing two frames out and then stopped again. I checked the bottom deep and noticed no larvae or eggs and little capped brood, this was last wednesday, by saturday most of the remaining brood had hatched. I found hatched queen cells and some drone comb on the bottom of the frames, I wondered have they swarmed with only one deep full of bees? I looked for close to an hour trying to find the queen and couldnt find her. I ordered a new queen and she should arrive wednesday, what are the chances they will survive with the last brood hatching within the last few days and no new eggs for at least 3-4 more days? Sorry for the long post, this is my first hive and I still have a lot to learn!

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    Default Re: Weak hive, will they make it?

    They will swarm anytime they get crowded and have ample stores no matter how many boxes they are in. It's their natural urge for reproduction. Give it a couple of weeks and you'll have a free queen. They should start on the new box again soon because they don't have brood to raise if your flow has started.


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