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    Default Getting the queen

    I have been contacted about a hive in the base of a pecan tree at the corner of a house. The owners are not really worried about the bees but had rather they not be there and would let me try to trap them out. I have never done a trap out but would like to try it if I knew I could get the queen. I was told that the bees have been there for several years and I would really like to put some of the genetics into my bees. The only knowledge I have of a trapout is from youtube but would like to try it. So if I was to use a screen funnel to keep the workers from reentering the hive will the queen eventually walk out the screen, if not how would I ensure that I get the queen.

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    search for hogan trap out on here. look for treads by cleo hogan jr. he can help you.


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