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    Default making a nuc for a new queen

    I am getting my new queen Friday and I planned on making a new nuc to start a new hive. I have read about doing this but have never done it and I am kinda nervous. I plan on putting 1 frame capped brood, 1 frame of brood in different stages of development, 1 to 1/2 frames of honey and if possible pollen, and 2 frames of empty comb. Is this correct? If I dont have a spare frame of pollen, do I really need it until they get foragers.

    My question is if I get the queen Friday in the afternoon, when should I pull the frames from the other hives and let them sit queenless before I insert her into the nuc?


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    Default Re: making a nuc for a new queen

    Sounds good to me, just make sure where your queen is so you don't move her into the nuc. It doesn't take a hive long to know they are queenless but I like to wait 8 or 10 hours.....afterall I did just spend good money on a bug and I don't want her to get hurt. Some say 4 hours is enough and it probably is but....see above.
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    Default Re: making a nuc for a new queen

    What he said.


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