Installed my two garden hives a month ago. One is going very well, one whole box drawn and many brood/honey cells under way. Everything looks good with that one. Other hive, about half a box..not taking much from the feeders I've supplied. There are a number of queen cells (not sure if they're capped or cups) and some larva already with some new bees as the queen is active and laying, but why might there be new queen cells already and not nearly as much work being done as the other hive? Also, I've got all 8 frame medium supers. Right now I have two on each hive, and one extra for each totalling three a piece. Is two enough for the bees food/brood to last them through the winter, or should all three be designated as theirs? I thought the first two boxes of each was enough for them, and the third would be excess honey I could extract. Should I get a fourth box for these things? Also, with two hives is it worth it for me to invest in an extractor or should I just do the crush and strain when ready? Thanks for the tips! Oh yeah, and is it normal to have lots of debris on the bottom board? I didn't look too closely when I was out there last week and I should have researched a little more as far as the mites situation and how to recognize it.