Living in south central TX, I get to see things that many northern beeks don't. And my issues with pests have been different than other Texans', leading me to the realization that pest problems are very localized by specific conditions. The problems with the hives at home are different from those elsewhere in the county.

I have Fire Ants, SHB and wax moth that do not go dormant over winter, and CAN (and HAVE) despite other beeks' claims to the contrary, take down a strong hive in a week or so.

But I have noticed that full sun and bare ground under the hives help keep all of these threats reduced. Amdro granules in trays under hive stand legs help with Fire Ants, and Beetle Eater traps inside the hive help, too.

I have been experimenting with spraying a combo of cedar EO in a veggie oil base around hive entrances to help deter moths, with some success. I have still seen larvae, though.

I recently came across a bag of "snake repellent" at Tractor Supply that consisted of granules HEAVILY impregnated with EOs of cedar, clove and cinnamon. I scattered it with my lawn spreader. And have noticed an immediate reduction in the larvae AND SHB in the hives. One bag was $12 and covered my entire bee yard. Very economical, and easy to repeat if we happened to be rained on.

So I pass this on to all y'all, in case it is of any help.

Good luck!