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    Default Question on after swarms.

    Just entering my second year. I came through the winter with 3 strong double deep hives with the anticipation of splitting. Warmer than usual weather prompted earlier swarms. I had one hive to swarm then went into the hive to look and learn. It was a double deep still heavy with bees after the swarm. I know which hive swarmed due to finding the marked queen in the swarm. It was the only marked queen that I had. And I had saw her in the hive a week earlier.
    After the swarm, I saw at least 6 swarm cells on the bottom of both boxes. I simply took the top box off and move it to a new stand, added an empty medium with foundation to both for congestion and left it alone.
    I believe this hive has swarmed many times with virgin queens.
    Question is, should I cut out all but a couple of swarm cells next time? Point being I split the other two hives the same way before swarm cells were seen. The queen less hives created at least 10 queen cells each. I have had 7 swarms out of these three original hives in the last eight weeks. When the splits were made, an empty medium was placed for space. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Question on after swarms.

    Usually the first queen out will find the rest of the cells and kill them.
    Disclaimer: I know enough to know I don't know anything yet.


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