Help… I may have a problem…
Out of curiosity I walked out to the beehives tonight to see if there was any action at the entrance (after dark, about 9:00 pm). To my surprise, the bees are bearding around the entrance of the hive. I didn’t expect this because its not hot outside tonight (mid 60′s).
Then I noticed there were a lot of dead bees in front of the hive. Looks like it could be a hundred. Could this be robbing? Here are some notes on the hives:
*Both of my hives are being top fed from the inside with 1:1 sugar water.
*The hive with the bearding on the entrance and dead bees in front was started with a package last Tuesday… I guess it would be considered a weak hive. The other hive was started with a 5-frame nuc.
*I picked up a few of the dead bees and a lot of them look like drones.

Is it possible that the nuc-started hive is robbing the package started hive?
Or are the package bees just forcing out the drones to conserve resources?

Here is a pic of the hive entrance:

And here are the dead bees in front: