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Thread: Moving on up?

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    Default Moving on up?

    So, my one hive thats doing REALLY well, has 5 of the 8 frames (its a 10 frame box, but my feeder takes up 2 slots) drawn out to about 80% on both sides, 1 has a good foundation, but not deep enough the queen is laying in, and the other 2 they are only just getting started on. Time to add a new deep and move up?

    I have probably 4000+/- capped brood in there. I'm afraid if I don't add a new box, once those all emerge, they are going to be pretty cramped in there.

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    Yeah, sounds like you are getting close to time. I'd prob wait till 6 of the frames are filled out and they are working on the last two. When you do add the second one you will want to move the feeder up to the top and add two more frames to the lower one, in one from the outside. This is stimulate them to draw it out since it's between two already worked on frames.
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