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    Default How do I know when I'm faced with guard bees?

    OK, I'm right at 20 days into my first hive, so the newbies should be arriving. But that's not the question. Just thought I'd throw that in.

    I open the hive and starting from the follower board, work my way to the entrance. could be my imagination, but as I move forward, the bees seem to be more active. How do I know if I'm up against guard bees, or just workers who are curious/annoyed?

    Second, nothing is happening on bars 1,2 and 3. Can I expect them to begin building comb moving forward? - Mike

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    Default Re: How do I know when I'm faced with guard bees?

    You'll see badges on them.

    What are you asking? I don't think I understand what you are searching for. "Gaurd bee", by definition, gaurd the entrance of the hive. So, they would be found there. That doesn't mean that bees found other places in a hive won't act defensively. All of them, except the drones, can sting. Some are more prone to. But, you can't tell by looking at them. They'll tell you by their actions.
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    Default Re: How do I know when I'm faced with guard bees?

    The bees are more disturbed as you move forward because you have had the hive open longer by then. This gets them riled up anyway plus any returning foragers have trouble recognizing the hive entrance so will circle aimlessly until the hive looks familiar again to them. Keep your visits quick and close things up when the bees get sick of your attentions.
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    Default Re: How do I know when I'm faced with guard bees?

    Guard bees are often the ones that sort-of line up on the edge of a frame or bar like they're looking at you ... which they are. Wherever an opening exists or appears, the guards will take up station there. Their presence is not an indication of an imminent attack. You are not "faced with" them: they're just there.

    Be purposefully about your appointed business, keeping only a few bars/frames out-of-position at any one time. Proceed straight away until you are done with your task, then close, guard bees or no.


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