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Thread: Candling Q ells

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    Default Candling Q ells

    Never done it. What should I look for?

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    Default Re: Candling Q ells

    I candle mine the afternoon before I place them in mating nucs. Since mine stay in an incubator the last 3 days the bees don't have a chance to tear down any that die at the end.

    I leave mine attached to the cell bar. I hold them in front of a flourescent desk lamp and tap the cell bar. If they are real close you can see her moving around, better get those somewhere quick. Those a little younger you can see the pupa move around loose in the cell. The dead ones tend to be stuck in the tip of the cell and you won't see anything moving around in those.

    If you have plenty of cells tear open a few that are questionable and you will learn quick what to look for.

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