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    Default Fence Post Swarm

    I have a swarm on a fence post made from a railroad crosstie. Yesterday I went down there and put an 8 frame box on the fence butted up next to the post with a frame of brood and honey inside the box. Some bees are now in the box, but there are plenty more just sitting on the post. I cannot find the queen, but I kinda think she is down inside the top of the post from the behavior of the bees. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can go ahead and get the rest of the bees in the box including the queen? Would it help if I put another frame of drawn comb in there from an old hive? Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Fence Post Swarm

    If you can get a frame of brood from another hive, put it in there. If not, yes, put another drawn frame, and if you have it, two frames of foundation. Then see how many handfulls of bees you can rake/brush from the post. If you get several in the box, the others, including the queen will likely follow. If not, smoke them heavy and make them come out of the crosstie. Then brush as many as possible in your box.

    If the post is hollow, and they have set up inside, already, you might have to do a trapout.

    Good Luck.



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