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    Question Paraffin dipping frames/used boxes?

    Hi All,
    I am looking at setting up large tank for hot wax dipping new and used equip.
    The new equip would be dipped for preservation purposes and the old used equip for preservation and sterilization both. My tank is large enough to dip my 4-way pallets in as well, which I plan to do!
    I was thinking about dipping used frames (with comb removed of course) for sterilization purposes and design a screen that would keep them submerged in the wax.

    Has anybody tried this before?

    What was your results?

    Can you dip used painted equip in the same wax, and how about trash/paint scales getting into the wax?
    (I was thinking that I would power wash used boxes first to remove crud/flaking paint scales)

    If I decide to also offer this service to others using my setup, what would be fair price to charge others?

    Thanks! Mtn. Bee
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    Default Re: Paraffin dipping frames/used boxes?

    I used rosin and beeswax. I only dipped boxes. I'm pleased with the results.
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