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    Default plastic pail extractors

    Are the plastic pail hand cranked extractors (listed at about $140) worth it? I only have two hives and have been using the crush and strain method. Can't afford the 3-400 dollar ones at this point.

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    Default Re: plastic pail extractors

    I would not do it, I never heard anyone say anything good about them. Stick that money to the side and add what you can when you can. Keep on crushing. But if you must get one now, Pigeon mountain has a metal one for about that price. I don't know the quality but it has to be better than plastic.
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    Default Re: plastic pail extractors

    How many colonies do you eventually plan to have? Save up and get either a good used extractor, or save longer, and get a good new one. You won't regret getting the extractor you'll need when you get as many hives as you expect to have. And no, don't waste your money on the plastic bucket extractors.
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