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    Default Oxalic Dribble on new swarm

    How advantages would it be to perform an oxalic acid dribble onto the frames containing a newly captured swarm? It is true that they will be going through a bloodless cycle but how about the knock down of any mites on nurse bees?
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    Default Re: Oxalic Dribble on new swarm

    There potentially could be some benefit on a broodless swarm. Certainly the exposed mites would be subject to the effect of the acid. In some ways, you'd be as clean as possible regarding mites. On the other hand, mites from other colonies could easily gain a foothold onto your newly cleaned swarm. Here's a reference for you to consider:

    I've done what you're suggesting only one time and that was when I was struggling to treat a colony that was badly infested and really wanted to swarm. Finally, it did and I was able to capture my own swarm about 75 yards from the original colony. I treated with OA (not a dribble, but with vapor) on BOTH colonies. Sadly, each succumbed that winter (it was a late season swarm and I had doubts for both of them). That's not to say that the treatment wasn't worth the effort. I wonder if the late swarm doomed both colonies but I'm just sharing my experience.
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    Default Re: Oxalic Dribble on new swarm

    I watched some videos on youtube called rotational bee keeping. It was a very interesting concept. They did extensive drone brood culling and they also shook packages at the same time they were pulling honey supers. They then treated the packages with a liquid miticide. Then used the packages to start new hives for next year. So what you are suggesting must hold some merit. This was in Germany I think they have been dealing with mites longer than we have.

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    Default Re: Oxalic Dribble on new swarm

    According to Randy Oliver a queen should only be dribbled with oxalic once in her lifetime.
    For a broodless swarm something harmless like powdered sugar would work also.


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