Until recently we had some Tanzanian and Kenyan Top Bar Hives in the back yard but decided to move them off site. After a while it seemed a little lonely so one of the sons cobbled together a Top Bar Bait Hive out of (I can't believe he used the stuff) lengths of 1x2. And it was pretty warped as well - useless for just about anything but burning. But he wanted wanted to have some sort of hive around because our yard seems a good place for visiting swarms. We torched the interior and exterior, instead of painting. Not pretty- likely the uglies hive I have seen so far.. Holds about 20 bars.
The day before yesterday, April 25, a nice little swarm set up shop and has been quietly going about it's business. Our other hives are about 15 miles out, otherwise I would transfer in a brood bar to give the girls a leg up.
We seem to get several swarms come past the house every season. Want a swarm? All we have to do is wait a little.