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    Default Queen introduction cage/bar for TBH

    I didn't have very good luck last year when I tried a queen introduction with a push-in cage on my topbar hive. The bees managed to chew away the wax and kill the queen. So I built this based on one I had seen for a Lang hive. It's 10" long and 6" deep. (it could be shorter if I wasn't making it do double duty as a queen bank). The lower screened portion is where you would cage the queen for a few days until she was accepted. The blue push pins are how you get her in the cage. The white marshmallow is how the bees release her (or you could use a cork if you are going for a brood break in your hive).

    The 8 hair-roller cages up top would be used to hatch/store mature queen cells/virgins until they can be introduced into a queenless nuc. The shelf would also work for regular queen cages that come with packages so that you don't get wonky comb built around a queen cage that is hanging from a wire.


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    Default Re: Queen introduction cage/bar for TBH

    >The bees managed to chew away the wax and kill the queen.

    If it's one of those plastic ones, they don't work at all. They won't even stay in place. If you are making a push in cage, it should have wires frayed at the ends to make it go all the way to the midrib and still have 3/8" for the queen to move around.
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