I am trying to decide if I still have my queen or if the expectations I have for my hive are too much at this time. It has been a week and a half since hiving the package. The queen was released after 4 days. During that time the bees had been guarding the inner cover entrance. I have noticed over the past 4-5 days they don't really even come to the entrance opening anymore, I have even rubbed my finger on it to try and get a few to come and guard it. Nothing happens, they just stay in the frames and totally ignore the threat at the entrance. Also, it seems as if the bees are staying somewhat concentrated in the back corner of the hive and haven't moved to the center like my other hive. I did not find any eggs, or larvae in the hive either, just sugar syrup stores, and I think some pollen. Some of the bees had their heads in the cells head first. By the way, the bees are drawing out comb on the plastic foundation. I guess it could still be too soon for eggs at this time. Any idea if these might be signs of a queenless hive, or am I just get too worried about something at an early stage? Thanks, juzzerbee.