OK, here is one for you guys. I got a call from a woman who is caring for an elderly man who is now needing full time care. He and the family evidently are trying to "put his affairs in order" I guess. Part of those affairs include moving his hives off the property.

I went to have a look, and found that they are very tightly propalized for one thing, and the wood does not look particularly solid either. I did manage to pull the hive on the left apart and there are a few frames of bees in there. The taller hive on the right has bees too, and I saw them entering the hive at 7:30 pm. The bottom board is about ready to collapse from the look of it.

My thought is to separate the hive bodies as best I can, mark them to maintain position for later possible re-assembly, cut some plywood pieces to cover the tops and bottoms of the bodies that contain bees and strap them together. Then I load them up and take them to my yard (my backyard actually). I guess I should do this all in the evening to improve the chances of most of the bees being home.

There I can better evaluate the condition of the whole mess.

How does that sound?