Last year I had placed ads in the local freebie paper for swarms. Well, there were ALOT more calls about bees in houses than swarms. Last year I checked out two local houses and agreed to do the cutouts for free. (Kind of to get experience, and kind of to get "free" bees.) I didn't get to them last year, but am getting ready this year.

I've contacted the one house owner and all things are a go. This particular house is an old house that hasn't had anyone living in it for years. The owner knows the bees have been there for at least 10 years and he wants the house torn down, but no one will do it with bees in there. I figure I'm saving these bees, because another couple of years and I don't think the house will be standing. The one half of the roof is pretty much non-existant and the moisture is quickly rotting the house. The middle of the roof is really sagging!

Luckily the bees are in the part where the roof it fine. I went lastnight to investigate more on what I'm getting into. It's an old house, with plaster and lathe on the inside wall, and right directly behind it a board wall. Double planked house with the bees between the planking. They are in the second story, but luckily can get them from inside.

Here is my plan - what do you think?

Use a Sawsall to cut the plaster and lathe and plank. Take out the boards to get all of the hive exposed. Once that is all done, move in with the bee vac and start sucking up bees and removing comb.

Or would it be better to be sucking up the bees as we take the boards off and expose the comb?

After seeing some hive cut outs where the bees have been there for a while, I'm thinking it's probably going to take at least two hive bodies just to suck up the bees. Probably another 2 hives to put the brood comb in. You could also smell the current honey being made, so with this mild winter, I'm sure there is lots of honey to gather too.

I know I'll need the tools to get the boards off. A knife to cut the comb. Rubber bands to band the brood comb to frames, plastic tubs for honey, water to clean up with.

What else? What advise do you have?

At least I can do whatever damage to the house and don't have to worry!