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    I keep old comb in a coffee can. Today I opened one up that has not been open in almost a year, and there was a moth flying around, with larve. How long can these things live like that? It seems like it should have been out of oxegyn. The lid closed tight.
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    I'm not sure on how long they can survive with limited oxygen, but just a few insects like that don't use up much air; however, they do use up a bit of water, so I'd be suspicious that it wasn't properly sealed, and the moth got in FAR more recently than a year ago.
    Also, if you're really concerned with being able to store your old comb without WM getting to it, a set of vaccuum storage canisters may be just what the dr. ordered...I don't expect that any WM or larvae could survive the partial vaccuum for more than a few seconds.

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    I've found a bucket full of cappings gone to webs that was full of cappings and no moths that I knew of and no air for a year or more. I've even seen them on solid blocks of wax and the edges of a box of foundation. It's my fault for putting sticky boxes in the basement once and they all went to moths and I've had a basement full for a decade since then... and I haven't put anything there lately that I think they could even live on...
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