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    Default Does anyone have a recipe for a swarm lure?

    Good morning! I noticed last night that my bees were clustered on the underside of my hive and was hoping that they would go inside but they are still out this morning and I'm thinking they are about to swarm, I had plans on splitting the hive this week once the weather warmed up a bit but I guess the bees may have another plan. I have a nuc box w/frames and a frame of honey installed next to it but they have not moved from where they are, could they be clustering around the queen? and the way my hive is set up prevents me from getting at them /(I have two cinder blocks with the hive on top they are between the cinder blocks and lots of em) would a swarm lure entice them to go into another box?

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    Default Re: Does anyone have a recipe for a swarm lure?

    Lemongrass oil is generally considered an effective, readily available swarm lure. You may find it available locally at health food stores. Widely available online also, here's one source:
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