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    Quote Originally Posted by WesternWilson View Post
    What do you typically see in the life span of a treatment free colony?
    Very tough to say - for the Russians I've seen a range of a few months to one hive going into its third winter. I hate to suggest a typical life span; I think it depends on stock, location, competition, and once again location.
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    I had Russians as well. They are a funny bees to me. Hard to re queen. Want to make their own. Been discussed before. I had a couple of Russian hives that were "mixed" with local that re queened themselves. I finally let them have their way. I think the stock was good and they contributed to the overall gene pool. The two I have left are quit the mix of dark and light bees. It actually seems to fluctuate. More light bees in the summer and more dark bees now. Just speculation. I guess my point is the Russians(any strain ?) seem to get assimilated and perhaps exhibit a collective collage of the genes in the area unless pure strain is put back in. Just thinking out loud.

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    Interesting study that seems to fit into this discussion.
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