If one were to conduct an experiment to see if survivor bees could indeed survive the twin scourges of Nosema and Varroa without the use of chemical treatments AND beekeeper intervention, what would the experiment look like?

Would it be a legitimate test of the bees ability to survive if they are kept on large cell comb (with underlying plastic foundation)?

Does anyone know (and can they share what they know) of commercially available "survivor" queens that are free from possible/probable AHB influence? (I understand Purvis is taking orders for 2012)

Is it reasonable to posit that bees of survivor stock can be used in place of non-survivor stock bees - the primary difference in beekeeper handling being that no chemical treatments and/or manipulations in lieu of chemical treatments are used - that otherwise the bees are kept as the non-survivor bees are - and still produce a honey crop?

Thanks in advance for thoughtful responses.