We had Jonathen contact us in Dec - Jan about sending hives to California for almond pollination. He kept calling and telling us how it would be good money and he would take care of everyting. We got a signed contract and shipped 2 truck loads out. When the hives got their he could not get them unloaded. Finally got the first load unloaded after several hours. Said he was happy with the loads. After the bees got there we never heard anything from him. never returned our calls. He did return a few text messages. We flew out to check out the hives could not find him or the hives, only a few in the holding yard. We paid for the shipping and loading of hives. Now its April and Jonathen is nowhere to be found. We havent received any payment or phone calls. Finally got ours bees back.
We checked with the orchards and they said they have paid him.
Just wanted to let other beekeepers know so they would not have the same problems or if anyone has had any experince working with him.