A number of threads lately have been discussing how to get drawn comb in early spring.

To encourage wax building early it needs to be done by placing empty frames INSIDE the brood nest where the bees do not want a cavity (NOT foundation, as it doesn't get touched.) The brood nest is also the right temperature to produce wax. The only other thing that is needed is plenty of nectar.

The issue with putting empty frames in the brood nest is that the queen will start laying eggs in it while it is being built. Also it is likely to be drone comb, (especially in early spring) as we make them use worker size cells in the brood nest.

So I have just made a 3 Frame Queen Excluder. That is so that two frames of brood can be put on the sides and an empty frame in the center.

Here are some pictures:

There are more details on my Open Innovation site:

My issue now is that it's starting to get too cold as it's Autumn/Fall here, don't think I should try it as my hives (Spring Splits) are down to 3 frames of brood. So if you want to have a go, let me know what happens!

Matthew Davey