this is my first experience with beekeeping, i moved two warre hives I had purchased about 130 miles to home, had hive blocked, ratchet strap circumventing and plastic pallet wrap around them.Of course some bees escaped but stayed in the truck topper but on one hive many were between the hive and plastic wrap. The move was three boxes high because they were making comb that low. When I separated the bottom to add the fourth box I found that the comb had let loose and was on the screened bottom. Well of course this is a bit of a dilemma for an amateur. So I removed the comb, set the hive, shook the comb into a box for fear of loosing the queen, set the box up on ramp, most went inside, still had thousands of bees on outside of hive in a large cluster. I observed for a long time and noticed some were crawling down and back inside. Left them for an hour, most went in but several large groups remained. I felt these bees maybe had never been out of hive before and the cooler weather in the 50's they seemed stuck, brushed them onto cardboard, dumped them on landing board and they scrambled in. Things settled down after that.

1 Is there such thing as the wrong time to move a hive? the folks i got the hives from needed to sell due to city ordinance
2. what could I have done different ? because i know other can learn from this
3. what should I do with the comb that fell, it look as if they were putting stuff in it? do i put it out for the bees or discard?

I am new to this and maybe what I did may seem foolish, but I have learned a lot from this site, and know i have a lot more to learn. Thank you for the help. Sorry this got long.