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    Default identify bee disease?

    I looked into the brood nest of a very strong hive today (10 deep frames of capped brood, another 10 frames of brood and nectar and a super of nectar) and noticed some bees that had somewhat shredded wings (not touching their bodies, like K-wings) but also had a yellow spot outside their butt with some hard yellow substance. I do not think these bees had just stung, but looked almost like part of their abdomen was sticking out in yellow color. The spot was as large as a bee's eye. Unfortunately I did not take a photo. Do you have any idea what disease this might be? I have not treated those bees for mites (moved them from a former TBH last September where they were broodless). K-wings might be due to mites. But the yellow dot? This hive has high numbers of bees, are very gentle, and are my most enthousiastic honey packers this year (out of 4 hives).
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    Default Re: identify bee disease?

    The shreded wings are most likely Deformed Wing Virus. Normally caused from a high mite count. You need to do some kind of mite count to find out for sure.


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