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    Default Crazy Queen Finally Calms Down

    I hived a swarm this morning from my bee vac bucket. I opened the cover to the hive box and proceeded to dump in the bees. I always use an empty box on top of the hive box to act as a funnel while the bees make there way onto the drawn frames. As always some bees take flight as you're dumping but I have always been lucky with getting the queens in the first time. I put the cover back on and did more hive inspections in the beeyard while several dozen bees from the bucket were flying around their new home. I thought I would come back later to make sure all the bees went inside.

    After about an hour I walked back and found the bees have landed all over the place. Little clumps everywhere. I started looking at all the different clumps and saw the queen on the cover of a hive next to hers. As I was looking she flew away, circling the hive then landing underneath the screen bottom board of her hive. I took the box off and flipped the SBB over and there she was hiding in a clump of bees. I queen clipped her, assemble the hive again and then placed the queen clip in between two frames. I new she would go to a drawn brood comb frame as soon as I opened the clip. NOPE. She flew up and out over the hive again and went back under the SBB. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

    So...I took the hive box off again, flipped over the SBB and there she was. I queen clipped her again, this time placing the clip in between two frames and left her there until the sunset. I went back in, open the clip and shook her out. She finally scurried onto the closest frame and disappeared in the maze of bees. I put the cover on FAST!

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    Default Re: Crazy Queen Finally Calms Down

    The things you have to do to! Great that you had a queen clip.


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