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    Default Adding additional Brood Box ?

    I have three packages that were in stalled successfully all in 8 frame Deep equipment.

    I have checked on them and they are laying and Have drawn out 6 frames out of 8 and I am going to add their second box.

    Should I just add all of the foundation to the 2nd box or is there a preferred method where I should move a couple frames of brood to the top box.

    If I should add brood to the top box should it be capped, uncapped or no preference.

    Thanks for any help, Steven.

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    Default Re: Adding additional Brood Box ?

    Since your boxes are the same size (i.e. not a deep and a medium), I'd move a couple frames of open brood up to the top box. That should both give them a "ladder" to get up there and realize that that space is indeed usable, and draw a good number of the younger nurse bees up there, which I'm pretty sure those are the ones that draw comb out the best anywise.


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