I split two of my hives and re queened the queenless portion of both.

The original hives started out very quickly this spring and thus my desire to split them. The original hives consisted of two deeps and two mediums. In both cases the queen had eggs and larva in both deeps and one of the mediums. In both cases I split up the frames to try to get even brood in both of the deeps. In both cases I took one deep and one of the mediums that had brood to the new hive and added the queen. In both cases I left a deep, added a deep with foundation only, actually foundation strips so basically foundationless and the medium on top of that.

So in the new hives I have Deep, medium with brood. In the old hives I have Deep, Deep empty, pulled Medium.

For the new hives I want to get another deep in there. I did not add another deep because that would have broken apart the brood cluster. But I don't want the new queen to start using the medium as a brood chamber. So am I safe to just add another deep to the new hive as well? It's still fairly cold here at night mid 30's.

Second question is feeding. I want them to draw out the second deeps as quickly as possible...but I don't want them to fill up the brood chamber with nectar and have them swarm. I'm particularly concerned about the original hives here.

Same question for the new hives but I'm not as concerned about them swarming.