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    Default Always a mixed bag...

    My son and I planned to inspect our single hive and thought I'd better get a medium to add since their numbers were good and there was a lot of evening traffic.
    Almost all the frames were drawn last time we looked. Saw a good amount of capped honey too, but held off the temptation.

    We decided the morning was too cool as did the bees because they weren't flying yet. We decided to take a trip to the dump to give them some time to get up and out.
    We returned from the dump only to find a seventy foot high swarm right in front of the hive, they were swarming. I was watching my one hive swarm!!

    After a few minutes they moved about twenty feet east and settled on a nice shade tree about 8 feet off the ground. A quick dash to the garage to set up a SBB, deep and medium quickly leveled and a sprayer full of sugar water, I was ready to catch my first swarm, my own!!

    I shook them off the branch into a box, introduced them to the new hive and shut the lid. I left quite a few on the tree because when I went back, they were particularly feisty. After some minutes, they made their way to where the queen was and I now had two new hives. Nice how they can make our minds up for us.

    I inspected a few days ago and didn't see any capped honey so I added a feeder which they're taking in slowly. I didn't now see either queen or any capped brood in either.
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