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    Default How would you go about this one?

    I got a call today from a lady with bees in a catawpa tree. I think that the comb has been there from past years, as she indicated that the bees "were there two years ago, not last year, but back this year". My guess is they were there last year too and she didnt realize it.

    Opening in the tree is about 4 inches wide at widest point. Total length of about 18", located at eye level, about 6-7 feet off ground. Some larger limbs directly above the opening.

    My initial thoughts were A) cut the opening a little wider and vacuum them out, or B) drill a hole a little above the hive in the tree, drop in some BeeGo and funnel them into a closed up nuc box.

    Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. This is my first go-round on this one.




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    Default Re: How would you go about this one?

    Trap them, and take 3 or 4 starts from the tree. This will be an easy one.

    You can get 3 - 4 starts each year, from now on, unless they want them eliminated. You can do that with the trap also.

    send me an e-mail and I will send you the details to make and activate the trap.



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