16 days ago I moved two fully drawn combs of worker brood and eggs (w/nurse bees) from a pretty strong hive to a weak and queenless hive, in order to prompt a new queen to be raised. (The next day I found quite a number of dead bees in the hive, which got me worried that I didn't make the add of the new bees properly... should I have scented the hive?)

I did get a few new queen cells formed, and now have a single and rather large capped queen cell in the weak hive, which has not yet emerged.

Problem is the brood which I moved is now mostly hatched, and the population is getting marginal at best - only about 4 full combs worth, with still at least one or two weeks to go at my best estimate, before the new queen would even start laying - and so quite awhile longer before new workers are on the scene.
(There is still some honey in this hive from winter, but not much flying taking place, and looks like no pollen being loaded in at all.)

So I am wondering if should go ahead and move another comb of brood into this hive, and whether to do so before or after the new queen has emerged.
Also wondering whether to shake off the nurse bees or possibly scent the hive, to avoid another battle and die-off, which I don't think this colony could stand.

The other issue is that the only strong hive I have to pull brood comb from (the same one I pulled the first two combs from) has only about 7-8 combs of brood at the moment, with new comb being actively drawn and eggs being laid. I wouldn't want to compromise that hive too much, though it does seem very strong.

Any thoughts?